I bought my first pepper-and-salt Standard Schnauzer in 1987 and ever since then I have been in love with the breed. They are distinctive and stubborn but also incredibly devoted and loyal. Our dogs always are a part of the family, they come with me to work when I'm on duty, accompany us when we go on holiday, we just live all together.

In my free time, with every dog I have ever had, currently have or will have in the future, I train obedience, tracking and, if it comes to it, search and rescue.

I am a veterinarian by profession (I work at a large animal clinic) and therefore I have the certainty that my dogs are healthy and I can provide them with all medical care needed.

A gravid dam is always provided with the best nutrition and care, including the herpes virus vaccine (i.e. Eurican Herpes vaccine), she is wormed regularly and ultrasound is used to monitor her pregnancy.

Puppies are raised in a flat, they are fully socialised and are, along with the dam, regularly wormed and vaccinated with the vaccine Nobivac against canine distemper, parvovirosis and hepatitis (Nobivac Puppy DP and Nobivac DHP – according to the age of the pups) and further with the coronavirosis vaccine (Biocan C). The puppies are microchipped, high quality microchips Datamars are used, and are equipped with either a passport or an International Health Certificate.

The puppies have the potential for being successful at dog shows or in training, but the main priority for us is for all of the puppies to go to loving and responsible families, in which all the members realise that they are taking on a commitment and responsibility for at least another 15 years and will simply love the puppies.

Schnauzers are just great and I will be glad if you choose our kennel and maybe become the next owner of this brilliant breed – SCHNAUZER. :-)

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