Kennel Ignis CS ( 1991)

vrh A , born 29.7.1991, 3 males, 3 females

Andonis u Kaštanu     x     Briggi Dobrý výběr

 ARIS Ignis
ARCO Ignis
ARNO Ignis
AURA Ignis
AKI Ignis

vrh B, born 29.7.1993, 1 male, 2 females

Chuligán Fantom      x        Briggi Dobrý výběr


In 1996, after an impulse from the FCI (a kennel by the name Ignis had already been registered in France), the kennel was renamed Pepper Ignis (FCI Kennel).

Kennel  Pepper Ignis ( 1996 )

vrh A, born 10.4.1998, 1 male, 2 females

Ch.Casanova ze Záhrabské     x    Babsy Ignis

ATTREI Pepper Ignis
ASSANDRA Pepper Ignis
ASCHLEY Pepper Ignis

vrh B  born 13.7.2018, 5 males, 2 females

Ch.Loveboy Saltus ze Záhrabské     x     Ch. Elsa Saltus ze Záhrabské

pp boye 2PP 001 kopie

BELLATOR Pepper Ignis  ( red collar ), reserved export Canada
BLUEBERRY Pepper Ignis ( blue collar ), reserved ČR
BORIS Pepper Ignis  ( orange collar ), reserved ČR
BOREAS Pepper Ignis  ( green collar ),  reserved ČR
BENJAMIN Pepper Ignis  ( yellow collar ) , reserved ČR
BELLA BOHEMIA Pepper Ignis ( pink collar ), reserved ČR 
BEATRICE Pepper Ignis ( violet collar ), reserved ČR 

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